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Bulk Purchase Scheme

Scheme for Bulk Purchase of Sindhi Books/Magazines/Audio-Video Cassettes/CDs-VCDs for free distribution to Schools/Colleges/Public Libraries/Educational Institutions etc.


Introduction & Objectives:


This Scheme is being launched under the Centrally sponsored scheme for Production of Standard Literature in Sindhi with a view to provide suitable literature and reading as well as reference  material for Sindhi speaking people in India. Since, Sindhi is not the language of any State, it is being implemented by National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language (NCPSL). Main object of the Scheme is to create interest in the study of Sindhi by supplying  judiciously selected Books, Periodicals, Audio-Video Cassettes, CDs, VCDs etc. As free gift to Schools/Colleges/Public Libraries/ Educational Institutions etc. in such states and Union Territories where Sindhi is used as  a medium of instructions/or where it is taught as an optional language.


Types of Books/Magazines/Audio-Video Cassettes/CDs/VCDs to Be Purchased:


Under the Scheme of Bulk Purchase, the following types of books/Magazines/Audio-Video Cassettes/CDs/VCDs will be considered:


1. Fiction (Novels & Stories)

2. Drama & Poetry

3. Biographies and Autobiographies

4. Essays, Sketches and Travels

5. Culture & History

6. Popular Science and General Knowledge

7. Core Books pertaining to education, language, teaching, etc. such as, grammars, dictionaries


Mode of Purchase :


The Authors/Publishers/Translators/Producers are invited to submit 04 (Four) copies of the Books/Magazines/Audio-Video Cassettes/CDs/VCDs to be considered for purchase under the Scheme of Bulk Purchase. The Books/Magazines/Audio-Video Cassettes/CDs/VCDs to be purchased should be :


1. Interesting and educative

2. Neatly printed and attractive

3. Non-controversial in nature

4. Neatly and attractive produced/recorded etc.




The Books/Magazines/Audio-Video Cassettes/CDs/VCDs relating to Sindh, Sindhi and Sindhiyat in any language, published/produced in last two (Books)/five (CD/DVD) calendar years would only be purchased under this scheme, There will be no year restriction for the encyclopaedia, anthology, bibliography, dictionary, etc.


Important Instructions


1. If Book/Magazine/Audio-Video Cassette/CD/VCD is not in Sindhi language, please specify the language and it must be related to Sindh, Sindhi and Sindhiyat.

2. If entry is submitted by the Translator, a letter of acceptance from the Original Writer should also be enclosed with the application form.

3. If entry submitted by Publisher, a letter of acceptance from the Author/Translator should also be enclosed with the form.

4. If Encyclopaedia, anthology, bibliography, dictionary etc. please specify the Year etc. details.

5. Separate application form is required for each Book/Magazine/Audio-Video Cassette/CD/VCD

6. Incomplete application may be rejected

7. Audio-Video Cassettes/CDs/VCDs must be received by Council in good condition/proper packing.


Other Conditions :


The Books/Magazine/Audio-Video Cassette/CDs/VCDs received for selection will not be returned.


Members of the Selection committee of Council for Grants-in-Aid Committee are not eligible for submitting their own Books/Magazine/Audio-Video Cassette/CDs/VCDs under this scheme during their tenure as a Member of the committee.


Method of Selection:


1. As and when the Books/Magazines/Audio-Video Cassettes/CDs/VCDs arrive, they will be entered in register and a comprehensive list prepared by the Council’s office to be placed before the Selection Committee.

2. For selection of Books/Magazines/Audio-Video Cassettes/CDs/VCDs for purchase under the Scheme, the Executive Board of the NCPSL will appoint a Committee.


Important Note:


Authors/Publishers/Translators/Producers are requested to furnish in English or Hindi the following information on A Separate Sheet of Paper Pasted Opposite to the Fly-Leaf of the each Books/Magazine/Audio-Video Cassette/CDs/VCDs.


1. Title of the Books/Magazine/Audio-Video Cassette/CDs/VCDs.

2. Subject matter (Novels, Stories, Drama, Poetry, Etc.)

3. Script (Devnagari/Arabic/Etc.)

4. Whether Original or Translation

5. Name & Address Of The Author, Translator, Publisher & Producer

6. Submitted by (Author/Translator/Publisher/Producer)

7. Year of Publication/Production (with Pkd. Year)

8. Printed Price of the Book/Magazine/Audio-Video Cassette/CD/VCD


Last Date of Receipt of Entries


Entries complete in all respects and in Prescribed Proforma alongwith Four (04) Copies of Books/Magazines/Audio-Video Cassettes/CDs/VCDs must reach to the Council on or before the Last Date indicated in the Advertisement/Application Form.


Application for Bulk Purchase be sent to:

The Director,

National Council for Promotion of Sindhi Language (NCPSL)

West Block-VII, R.K. Puram

New Delhi – 110066
Ph. 26180104-07

» Bulk Purchase (Terms & Conditions)

» Bulk purchase Form 2015 - 16

Important Note: This Scheme is also under Review.


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