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4(1)(b)(ii) Powers and Duties of its Officers and Employees

The Director of the Council shall be a salaried officer and shall be appointed by the Government of India. He shall be the principal executive officer of the Council. He shall be appointed in such manner and on such terms & conditions as may be laid down in the byelaws. It shall be the duty of the Director-

a)      To be the custodian of the records and such other properties of the Council as the Executive Board make commit o his charge.

b)      To conduct official correspondence on behalf of the authorities of the Council

c)       To convene meetings of the Council and its authorities on directions of the Chairman and of all committees appointed by any of these authorities.

d)      To keep the minutes of the meetings of the Council, the Executive Board and the Finance Committee.

e)      To maintain accounts of the Council.

f)       Subject to the control of the Executive Board to be responsible for seeing that all money is expended on the purpose for which that is granted or allotted.

g)      To sign all contracts made on behalf of the Council and to sue and be sued on behalf of the Council.

h)      To frame the budget of the Council every year and forward it through the Finance Committee to the Executive Board for scrutiny; and

i)        To exercise such administrative and financial powers as may be assigned to him by the Executive Board.

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