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4 (1)(b)(vi) Statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control


  Minutes of the Meeting of the Council, Executive Board, Finance Committee & various Sub-committees/Special Committees/Panels are maintained by respective section and action is taken accordingly for implementation of the decision taken


  List of Files (includes)

         Files related to the Establishment i.e. personal files of the officials.

         Files related to Administrative Expenditure.

         Files related to appointment of Staff.

         Files related to the Budget, Accounts and Payments.

         Files related to various Schemes and Payments under the Schemes.

         Files related to the various Programmes of the Council as approved by Executive Board/Council & handled by various section of the Council.

         Files related to Publication and Printing by the Council.

         Files related to Television Programmes.

         Files related to Scholarship Schemes.

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