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4(1)(b)(xii) Manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes


No Scheme of subsidy is being operated in the Council. The Council provides Financial Assistance to various NGOs / individuals under various schemes as per approval of the Executive Board i.e.


Sr. No.

Name of the Scheme

Manner of Operation



Financial Assistance to

Voluntary Organizations


Target : Organized Seminar/


  Funds are released in two instalments


  50% of sanctioned amount as a first instalment


  Second instalment of sanctioned amount is released after receiving Audited accounts and Utilization Certificate


Financial Assistance for



Target : 80% of the estimated cost is

provided to Writers for publication of

manuscripts & re-printing of rare books

by Council

  80% of the sanctioned amount is released in two instalments


  First instalment is released after getting bond & advanced receipt


  Second instalment of sanctioned amount is released after receiving 5 copies of the Printed Book, Accounts and Utilization Certificate



Bulk Purchase Scheme


Target : 150 copies of each selected book/magazine/ CDs/VCDs is purchased for free distribution to Libraries, Schools, Colleges & Educational Institutions

  Funds are released in one instalment after receiving the copies of  order, postal proof with bill and receipt from the author.



Sindhi Language Learning Course Scheme


Target : To spread Sindhi Language among those who do not study Sindhi at School level

  Teachers remuneration, supervisors charges, incidental expenses of the organization and examination expenditure is paid to the Center as per Scheme.


Awards Scheme


Target : 2 Life Time Achievements

Awards i.e. Sahityakar Sanman & Sahitya Rachna Sanman and

10 Merit Awards are given

every year

  Two Life Time Achievement Awards Rs. 50,000.00 each and  Ten Merit Awards of Rs. 30,000.00 each are given away to deserving Writer at Award Function.



Note :           Recommendations of Sub-committee formed for each Scheme are approved by the Executive Board. The details of beneficiaries under various schemes can be provided to the public on receiving a specific written request.

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