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Male front
Seated male figure with head missing 45, 46. On the back of the figure, the hair style can be partially reconstructed by a wide swath of hair and a braided lock of hair or ribbon hanging along the right side of the back. Figurine heads
A collection of male figurine heads showing different types of headdresses and beards from recent excavations at Harappa Figurine
Female figurine with three sets of chokers and necklaces. This is one of the largest female figurines found at Harappa and it has the common fan shaped headdress with cups on either side of the head
Fat women figurines with turban like headdress and appliqué ornaments. Bangles are worn on both wrists and upper arms, ankle bracelets and a choker probably represent beaded ornaments. The right hand is held to the mouth and the left hand clutches the heart, in an expression of amazement that is still typical in the subcontinent today. Period III, Harappan, 2300 2200 B. C. Material: terra cotta Dimensions left: 10.9 cm height, 6.76 cm width, 5.3 cm thickness Nausharo Baluchistan, NS P, locus I Department of Archaeology, Karachi, EBK 5125 Jarrige 1990: fig. 25a Bull figurine and mold
Humped bull figurine with molded head that is twisted to the side, and a mold used to make the head. The legs were made separated rather than being joined together. Hand formed body and attached head. Eyes are carved with appliqué pupils as on the large hollow bull figurines.
Material: terra cotta
Dimensions: 5.23 cm height, 8.59 cm length, 2.92 cm width
Mohenjo daro, MD 832
Department of Archaeology, Karachi
Bull figurine
Terra cotta figurine of a bull from Harappa without a hump. There may have been many species of bulls used in different parts of the Indus valley
Ram figurine
Terra cotta ram figurine from Harappa. Such figurines may represent sacrificial animals used in specific annual rituals. Dog
Figurine of begging dog with upraised front paws and wearing a beaded collar. The back legs have been shaped into a stand. Hand formed with applique ornaments and eyes. 

Material: terra cotta
Dimensions: 7.1 cm height, 3.7 cm length, 2.9 cm width
Harappa, Lot 725 01
Harappa Museum, H88 1008
Dales and Kenoyer 1990: fig. 62.1 Turtle figurine
Terra cotta turtle figurine from Harappa.
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