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Seal, Mohenjo-daro
Seal depicting a deity with horned headdress and bangles on both arms, standing in a pipal sacred fig tree and looking down on a kneeling worshiper. A human head rests on a small stool. A giant ram and seven figures in procession complete the narrative. The figures wear a single plumed headdress, bangles on both arms and long skirts Silver seal, Mohenjo-daro
This silver seal with a unicorn motif is one of two found at Mohenjo-daro. Male head, Mohenjo-daro
Male head probably broken from a seated sculpture. Finely braided or wavy combed hair tied into a double bun on the back of the head and a plain fillet or headband with two hanging ribbons falling down the back
Priest King
S eated male sculpture, or Priest King
S eated male sculpture, or Seated male
Seated male figure with head missing .On the back of the figure, the hair style can be partially reconstructed by a wide swath of hair and a braided lock of hair or ribbon hanging along the right side of the back.
A collection of terra cotta figurines of humans and animals from recent excavations at Harappa Male figurines
Three seated male figurines from Harappa Figurine
F emale figurine with four flowers arranged on the front part of a fan shaped headdress with cups at two sides and braided edging. This figurine is heavily adorned with a triple strand choker with pendant beads, a double strand necklace with central disc pendant, and a triple strand belt with disc shaped ornaments.
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